20+ Rockstars . 5 Cities. Constantly Improving!

The Creators

Himanshu Bindal, CEO & Founder

Himanshu Bindal is the CEO & Founder of One Co.Work with 10 years of work experience. At the young are of 27, he is not just a successful entrepreneur who but also a visionary leader. With his innate entrepreneurial skills and business acumen, he spearheads the overall planning and business strategy of the company. Focused on innovation in consumer products, technologies and marketing services, he also harbours a keen interest in technology start-ups, angel investing, seed-stage investing, innovation management and mentoring.
Also being the CEO of Valley Iron & Steel Company Ltd, he has been a recipient of multiple awards including the Young Entrepreneur Award, China Bangs award 2016 and India is 50 transformational brands by WCRC.

Rakesh Khurana, Chief Financial Officer

The former GM of Punjab & Sind Sank with almost 35 years of experience in business development, human resource development and operations, is result oriented person with no word like impossible in his mind. While he preaches and strictly follows the idea of customer first at work, he makes sure to take an hour for his gym, spa and Jagjit Singh tracks.

Bipin Taneja, Business Head

Trusted by all but backs only those he trusts, he is someone who makes others' lives simpler by his exceptional communication, convincing and problem-solving skills. With a decade long experience in the hospitality sector, he is all client-centric in his approach. Streamlining everything at work and identifying new ways to generate revenue other than coworking, this pet lover wishes to have his talk show one day.

The Chosen Ones

Rahul Pandey, Admin Head

Ensuring that everyone is equipped with all things required, this man has a keen eye for detail. From procuring to handling to vendor management, he does it all. If everything is at the right place at the right time, he's behind it.

Uttam Oberoi, Regional Sales Manager

If you see him on a call for the entire time, its because he is cracking a deal. This polite guy possesses impressive communication skills that make him a sales expert. Proactive at work he owns the best management leadership skills. We rely on him for the on-time results even if the task is challenging.

Harsang Tarar, Investment Strategist

This humble guy happens to be our investment strategist is expert in number crunching. This go-to-person is an expert in almost everything. Having a perpetual fancy for knowledge, he is often seen shuffling through the latest industry information and found singing for chilling.

Ritika Dhall, Manager- Experiences

This powerhouse of talent comfortably handles every situation at work. Our commendable asset has out-of-the-box thinking that brings new concepts at work and fun as well. You'll often see this fitness freak counting calories but forgets the count when her favorite food is there.

Ashita, Manager- Accounts

This hardworking and honest accountaholic is an expert in double-entry and has a mind faster than a calculator. She is an expert in learning new things quickly but her mind slows down when chhole bhature is around. Chatting with friends and listening is a delight to her.

Ruchika Khandelia, Regional Sales Manager

Her day starts with Instagram & tea and ends with meeting up the sales numbers. This pani puri enthusiast loves to do sketching in her spare time. Unlike her favourite colours black, white and grey, she is a vibrant personality doing passionately what she loves!

Kavitha Carolin, Community Manager

The wonder-woman of our Chennai office tries her hand at everything and can get anything done at her own accord. Playing games, watching movies and spending time with her son is her best thing to do. She loves greens in both her clothes and in her food!

Manas Dhangkar, Community Manager

The first person to show interest in and take up a task with all the zeal is him. There has never been a time we got a ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ from Manas. Always excited to know and do new things, he’s the most energetic one we have!

Ruchie Bhalla, Content Writer

If you hear or see some great one-liners and quirky stuff in our office or our social media, you know where it's coming from. Playing with words or making the best of what's trending, our content expert will get it all done in no time. If she's ever short of ideas, it must be biryani on her mind.

Ayesha Nehal, Assistant Manager- HR

Our people's person loves to socialize. Being very thoughtful and empathetic, she wishes to do something for the Transgender community one day. The long-mane woman loves good food and her cooking skills are exceptional. She loves surfing videos and social sites in her time.

Usha K, Community Manager

The one with a peaceful mind that handles multiple operations and client queries with ease and patience. The dedicated efforts that she puts in her work help her stand out. Her day begins with prayers and relishes spending time with her family.

Praveen Poonia, IT executive

This pizzaholic is a huge cricket fan and binge watches web-series in his spare time. His client and team interaction skills help him to explore new things at work. Because of his expertise in practical IT knowledge, we count on him for the best on-time results.

Salica Sharma, Community Executive

If you find someone humming at work, she's the one. Loves to write, sing and practice vocals in her spare time and dreams to produce an album someday, she prefers healthy food but craves spicy meals. You'll be greeted with a big smile every time you visit the office.

Karthik K, Community Executive

This tea lover likes to hang out with his friends and his willingness to help others with his mighty brain is a reason he holds a strong bond with everyone around. Biryani is his perpetual craving and black is an integral part of his wardrobe.

Himanshu Thareja, Community Executive

Sharp, fit and with wit, he is expert in making connections. This helping hand on board is always available with his creativity and enthusiasm. He religiously spends time with seniors and enjoys attending music concerts and is mobile games.

Akansha Thareja, Community Executive

The one who has a fun-loving nature and is a YouTube and Netflix binge-watcher. This social butterfly loves to interact with people with a hunch of learning something new every day. She has a penchant for chicken dishes and a perpetual love for peach color.

Kajal Jha, Graphic Designer

If you wonder who’s behind all the creativity that you see on your social media pages, we’ll take a moment to present our Picasso. You give her a concept and she’ll execute is far better than you had thought of leaving you all astonished!