Our Story

Our journey began in the year 2015, when finding a co-working space at a central location within a certain budget was a tough task and getting one that met the expectation of any quality business even tougher. One Co.Work is not just an idea but a vision of providing flexible, reliable and community based work space for anyone looking for it.

Our smart and flexible workspaces have been created to cater a diverse clientele and their different needs. With our ready to move in, state of the art, modern plug-and-play office spaces, we make sure that your work goes on without any hassle. We’re forever working towards making our office spaces dependable, work-oriented, tech-enabled, motivating and fun.

Our Mission

One Co.Work is on a mission to provide affordable work spaces and to create a work environment which would help the coworkers by encouraging collaboration of like-minded professionals in the community model. We would have ample opportunities to learn, network and grow.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

Steve Jobs

Event 2018

All-hands employee gathering

Our values

We're looking for people that care about the same values that we care about.

Company values matter

Our values are what make us, and no great entity can be set without a set of well-defined values. One Co.Work doesn’t go by stringent rules and regulations but by utmost integrity and honesty towards our work. It’s our values with us that keep us grounded. We welcome you to our family and hope that you’ll add to this company’s existing values and together we will grow and reach greater heights.

We start each day with a spirit of creating and learning something new. We are working because we enjoy it and this is what keeps us going.

We are self learners. Nobody taught us the skills that we inculcate. It is our passion towards the work that helped us spread wings nationwide.

We will stop at nothing but the best and run after our undying curiosity to know and do more. Accepting our flaws and challenges outside our comfort zones is our strength.

Giving up is not our thing. We believe that anything can be done with what all we have at wherever we are. Our constraints trigger our innovation.

We know walking alone won’t take us much further so we believe in the idea moving together. Every decision is taken collectively by all stakeholders.

Our team