What’s Hot At One Co.Work?

Mondays are just labeled as dreadful but are they really so bad? There are days when even your coffee needs a coffee. You reach the office, start your laptop and you just don’t wish to work. Then a good hot cup fuels your day. Nobody can imagine a modern office without a great beverage. We understand the need and this is why the air at One Co.Work is filled with the aroma of freshly made coffee and tea.

It’s cold outside but what is hot inside?   It’s not just another cup of coffee or tea; it’s a part of who we are. A good cup is often the savior at our work hours and obviously, a good way to start a conversation. Walk into the One Co.Work cafeteria, there is something hot for you, always. Espresso, cappuccino or latte; it’s all there. Tea lovers! Green tea, ginger tea or just the way you like; your cup will never remain empty. Tea lovers or coffee fans, nobody is ever let down at One Co.Work.

Despresso- The feeling when you run out of coffee.

Fortunately, there is never such day at any of our centres when you badly need a hot cup and you don’t get it. Grabbing your hot drink at One Co.Work is an experience on its own. You never know when another idea sparks or a new friendship starts!

There is no “let’s go for a tea to the tea stall” at our coworking, a beautifully flavoured cup will just be there in no time. Oh! The coffee beans; the freshly grounded beans are good enough to refresh you. A good beverage always promotes social interactions and togetherness among the coworkers. People get well over a good drink and we would never wish you to miss a chance.

You can’t work with a half heart and not at all at a dull place. So, if you are looking to feel good and happy at work, you can always start at One Co.Work. The winters are here and your Coffee/Tea is always on us! Wish to see you soon!

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