3 Simple Acts of Kindness

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. –Mother Teresa

It’s not every day that we leave home in a good mood, work the entire time happily and leave the office with a smile. This is a rare case. For most of the days we are almost having a hard time leaving the bed for office. There are dark clouds on our heads in office and by the time we leave, we are already so dull. It’s like we lack that energy or probably, the motivation.

Honestly, I come to the office in a grave mood for about 4 days a week and I have no plans to say a ‘Hello’ to anyone but then I’m right here at my office building and the old guard uncle greets says ‘Good Morning’ with a brightest smile. In return, I smile back. The first ‘smile’ of my day because somebody smiled at me. This is how the guard uncle spreads happiness to everyone he sees. Daily!

(Come, meet him someday!)

Working hours are not easy. You can’t impress your boss all the time.  At times you don’t even receive the simple words of appreciation. This adds more to the gloomy feeling. You are trying hard, working the best of your capacity but still no praises. Unexpectedly, when you hear ‘well done!’ it’s all suddenly so much better.

I generally don’t help often but when I do, I make sure everyone knows. So, it was a year back when I was travelling in a packed metro and it got further stuffed at the next station. A girl stood behind me and was telling somebody on the phone that she broke her toenail in the running crowd. “Where will I get a band-aid here?” she said to the person on call. I reached out to my bag, took out a band-aid and gave it to her. She was happily shocked (I saw her face in the glass).

A random help when the other person doesn’t expect it can be such a good surprise. (I wish I could get it someday too!)

While everyone is battling a silent battle, let’s learn to be kind to each other. A compliment is a verbal sunshine. Try to compliment your coworkers at random occasions. Smile at each other so the smile back and there is an exchange of smiles.

Help somebody every day. You never know who gets their happiness of the day 🙂

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