Want to multitask better at work? Follow these easy tips

While working on a project (or just working), you have to deal with many things at the same time. A common trick to complete everything simultaneously is to multitask. But it can be struggling as your brain is not made to handle more than one thing at once. Therefore, we get tired, overwhelmed, and find ourselves making mistakes. But there are ways to prevent it. Here is how to multitask better at work, efficiently.

Keep your to-do list in sight

A flawless to-do list is one of the keys of good multitasking. While making one, ensure to set your tasks priority wise. Put your to do list at a prominent spot so that you can see it all the time. Colour code or bold the most important tasks and make sure you set aside enough time to address them.

Keep related tasks in sync

When you work on a task, your brain activates all the circuits and neurons related to that task. When you switch to a new task, your brain has to adjust. The shift happens quickly, but it takes a toll on your memory, focus, and productivity. Therefore, the more similar the tasks are, the easier it will be for you to move fluidly between them.

Learn to delegate

Delegating is important as it allows you to assign to yourself the tasks matching your skill set and to supervise the rest. But it also has a negative side. Your team will be reaching out to you, interrupting what you are doing to ask questions or to seek approval. If the demand is interfering with your productivity, go back to your to-do list and set time aside for it.

Take breaks

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Taking breaks is as important as being productive and completing the tasks. It is a proven way to restart your mind so you can get back to the next task after finishing the previous one, refreshed. It is recommended to take a break of 15 minutes after every 1 hour, however, it may vary depending on your task in hand.

Use technology

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To make the above tips easier for you and multitask better at work;, we recommend taking help of technology. We have everything on our smartphones now a days, including apps and websites to help us with anything we want. Look for some of the best apps that will help you with multitasking and start slaying.

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