Top 5 Hacks To Make Your Blog Different From The Crowd.

I remember growing up, everyone around me wanted to become a doctor, a teacher or an engineer but now when I look around almost everyone is turning to social media and trying their hands at blogging or even Vlogging! And like the traditional fields, this too is now getting crammed with just too many “bloggers” which is why it becomes very important for anyone who wishes to stand out, to create not just good content but also knowing the tricks and hacks to ace the blogging game!
Keep reading on as we explore the best hacks which will definitely make you more than any ordinary blogger.

The art of Linking
The top bloggers know the importance of this one by heart! No doubt you
must be creating stellar content which has the power to take the internet
down but it will be of no use if your piece of work is on the 50th page of Google search! Make sure you do internal linking at the beginning of the post which will turn best for SEO purpose. While doing this make sure the external linking is done post the initial paragraph. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to cram your blog with too many links as this will result in your blog getting flagged as spam by Google!

The right Keywords                                                                                            Okay, I know you know this and the previous one, nothing new here but the
an important point to keep in mind here which generally gets overlooked is to use them optimally is the beginning of your post and titles. Having said that, keep in mind that you still stick to a good introduction as you don’t want your blog to sound like a spreadsheet of keywords! Use the “magic” of keywords to work naturally for your post.

Increase the frequency of your post
All the top blogs have this thing in common; they create a LOT OF CONTENT. Whether it’s Buzzfeed, idiva or Mashable, you will see they create a crazy number of posts a day and though I agree they have a whole team working for them and most bloggers can’t match up to the frequency, you can still try to increase the frequency of posts. The more “good quality” content you create the better your reach will get.

Pick an engaging topic
Needless to say, this is one of the panacea tips that will take you a long way!
As a blogger, you have to keep in mind what is new, trendy and traffic engaging. You can take help of tools like Google Trends, BuzzSumo and
Feedly to know what’s in and what will get you more eyeballs.

Give Visual Appeal
Ever given a thought why Instagram got this famous in the first place?
Because of the visual appeal. Nobody has the time to go through a tediously long post without a single picture! Inculcate the use of graphics, memes or Gifs in your blog post to make it more visually appealing. Platforms like Canva and Vine are some platforms you can use to get started.
I hope these hacks prove to be helpful for your blog. As they say, success
doesn’t happen overnight, so keep going on with patience and persistence.
Happy Blogging!

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