Tips To Handle The Annoying Habits Of Co-Workers

If you are working within an organization, you would know the painstaking process of handling the co-workers? When people from diverse backgrounds, having different beliefs and perceptions come under one roof, it is needless to say that working together becomes a cumbersome task. For an office to function smoothly, a good level of understanding and cooperation between the co-workers is essential. Sometimes, people tend to engage in activities that disrupt the decorum of the workspace. Here is a list of annoying things that the co-workers do and tips on how to handle them without sounding rude.

Talking continuously

Talking to colleagues, sharing ideas and expressing opinions is not bad at all. However, there is a certain level of discipline which needs to be maintained at the workspace. People talking continuously, will create disturbance and hinder the concentration of the people around them.

Tip: You can politely ask them to reduce the talking, as well as request them to keep the noise level low while discussing things.

Smoking at the workplace


The workplace is required to have a healthy environment and if people indulge in activities like smoking within the office premises, along with their health it puts the health of others also in trouble.

Tip: The first step is to convince them at a personal level, to smoke only at the designated smoking zones and if they do not stop, it is advisable to sort things out at the managerial level.

Eating at the desk

eating at office desk

Gorging on snacks at frequent intervals, that too on the work desk is definitely not a good thing to do.

Tip: Request them to have their food only at the designated eating space, so that it keeps the office cleaner and the work environment better.

Wearing too much perfume

perfume at office

While it is absolutely essential to be hygienic and devoid of any body odour, overdoing the cologne or perfume might cause discomfort to the co-workers. There will be people who are allergic to strong smells. One has to maintain subtlety in a professional environment.

Tip: Ask them politely to reduce the amount of perfume they wear, also emphasizing on the discomfort that it causes.

Using loud and flashy ringtones

loud ringtone

The workplace demands to have a noise-free environment, and using the phone frequently does not create a good impression. Moreover, if the ringtone is a loud and annoying one, it will irritate the co-workers.

Tip: The best thing to do is to request them to put their phones on the vibration mode during work or use a low-key ringtone.

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