The Star Boy

When we are amongst our friends or colleagues, we know that they are not just a bunch of everyday people but all of them have a talent that we know (or maybe don’t). If you ask me, I would never be surprised to know if a colleague sitting next to discloses what other thing is he/she good at. I expect them all to be blessed with an art they are good at.

Speaking of being good at something, we all could understand why our mothers get so disappointed when the house-help/maid is on leave. Our office boy was not coming since a week and there was nobody to do the small stuff or even ask us if we need something. Never realized we all were dependent this way. Finally there was a new boy and we were more than happy.

He was doing fabulous whether it was at the kitchen or cleaning or even asking everyone if they require anything and was making sure that everyone was happy with his work. We were all busy gushing over the shining kitchen and talking about how great he works. For us, he was already a star of the HQ. Everyone was happy to have him with us by now and then he told something that felt unexpected to me. Don’t judge me because it’s surprising to me.

It was a regular day when I walked to the cafeteria to have some good coffee to wake me up from the sleep my eyes were filled with. Just when I looked at the shelves closely, I got a shocker. Beautifully clean kitchen with tiles so clean you can see your reflection. Every person, one by one, came inside and looked around in disbelief. I thanked god my mother wasn’t here to say “learn something!”. The office boy absolutely did a wonderful job.

In a few minutes we had a “rapper” in the house. HE HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!  Everybody started insisting him to perform something for us. Five minutes later he was stealing all the lime-light and all eyes were on him.  A LIVE PERFECORMANCE AT THE HQ! All the lines were about his life, struggles, hardships and difficult times he has seen. It was around how he rose over his bad times and now he’s working on his music skills and very soon he’ll launch his single.

Everyone is gifted but most people never open their package.

This guy is a box of unfolding talent. Nobody knew what hid inside the One Co.Work pantry and what new the kitchen was going to offer. A new experience, a new revelation, and a pleasant surprise! If you wish to see the boy, you can check him on YouTube as “Rishi Emmy”. Do let us know if you too have such talent around you!

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