The Dress for Success

We are all familiar with the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. OK! But a book with a jacket and good packaging does get a lot of hands on it. The book IS judged for its purchase on how it’s packaged. Our social conditioning has been done in a way that we respond better to what is pleasing to the eyes. The same way, you would always be advised to dress for the kind of job you want.

DRESS WELL. YOU NEVER KNOW WHOM YOU’LL MEET TODAY! Many of us have this in mind that it’s the work and behavior that would get us respect and not just our appearance. If we ever wish to notice, experiment with your appearance sometime and see people react to you differently. Basis the reaction you can decide how to “package” yourself.

Your clothes and your style definitely have an impact on how seriously people take you when you say something. Their instincts will tell them to listen to or ignore you. Obviously, how often you would take a shabbily dress person seriously compared to a well-dress person?

YOUR CLOTHES TELL WHO YOU ARE There is something about dressing up that pushes you to work better and think a certain way. Not to forget, your dress demand respect. A certain set of clothes channel a certain kind of thoughts. The dressing is a form of art. What element you choose to put with the other makes up your specific style. Also, we need to feel confident in what we wear; they should enhance and not distract from your work.

YOU THINK HOW YOU DRESS Apart from boosting your confidence level, your style sends messages to your brain. You get a bigger perspective when you think. It could be your shoes that power the creative button in you. Your attire is your first impression that would get you all the attention.

GOOD CLOTHES LEVEL UP YOUR PERCEIVED STATUS It’s all about how you are seen. If people find you well groomed and nicely dressed, you are sure to get better reactions from them. It’s a visual-based society and better dressed is better treated than their casual counterparts. Those who don’t know you get a hint of you just by looking at you. Your appearance might not be so much to you but trust us, it is.

LEARN TO BE RESPONSIBLE BY DRESSING UP It’s true, caring for how you look actually makes you a responsible person. Your shining shoes are your responsibility and your ironed clothes are what you care for. You do all of it mostly by yourself. This highlights the mind to give attention to the details and you become more careful.

Not bothering about how you look is just a reflection of how much you own your life and not just what to wear every morning.

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