Shaping Your Freelancing Life Through Coworking

With the rise in the number of the freelancing millennials, there has been a drastic change in the global work culture. Freelancers are those who are not exactly committed to one company but offers his/her services to multiple clients at the same time. India ranks as the second largest country after the United States with over 16 million freelancers working independently in different sectors including IT, finance and creative writing. Recently, freelancing is been majorly opted by women who wish to work but cannot follow an office life due to personal reasons or wish to start with something of their own.

Why do people freelance?
 It’s quick to start if you have the required skills and assets to get started.
 You can decide your own time schedule
 You take only the work you can deliver
 There’s always a demand for quality work
 Picking your clients is totally your choice
 You can decide the price of your services

Though freelancing provides a great way to work with flexibility, there are certain challenges that cannot be overlooked. Some of the common challenges that are usually encountered by the freelancers are:
 You feel isolated from the society
 There is a lack of motivation
 Face-to-face client interactions are difficult
 Stretching the work hours
 Various distractions at home
 Lack of collaboration opportunities

Any of the above challenges or a combination of them can seriously impact your work. It’s important to address all of these issues when you are shifting from corporate life to work from home. Try to have a good discussion with a friend or anyone you know is working as a freelancer that can answer your questions. You never know if the other person offers you collaboration. That’s the best way to learn and start at the same time.

Coworking and freelancing
“Freelancers at coworking” is a model when you can rent a workplace for yourself for a certain period of time. You, just like coworkers would be working for different people on different projects yet working together and create a perfect and positive work environment. Having likeminded people around you helps you get better at work and share ideas that can bring more productivity.
If you are already looking for collaboration and have the benefits of a coworking community, you can always come to One Co.Work where you can have the best of both worlds. The community of our shared space is youthful and always willing to team up to get better. You will get the required work-life balance and all the chances to grow.

Not just that, you’ll be a part of the regular events that are arranged at our offices and can take the entire opportunity to network with the best of the brains. Just at a feasible amount, you will get access to all the advantages of a brilliant workspace like the internet, furniture, power backups, meeting rooms, tea/coffee and a professional life just as good. Come with your work, plug in your laptop and get working.

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