Networking Is The New Cool At Work

More often than not, we underestimate the importance of networking in achieving success in our careers and organization. Now generally, people focus on taking advantage of the plenty of opportunities outside the workplace, underestimating the significance of workplace networking, and
how important it is in shaping both your professional and personal life. An average person today spends more than 45 hours a week in their office, making it crucial for anyone to have work-peer relationships which will help in developing new skills and identify new opportunities for growth, ultimately supporting both individual success as well the success of the organization.

So what’s all this Networking hoopla all about? Before you get all panicky about this whole thing, let me clarify that networking is not about “who you know” more than “what you know”, networking in a workplace simply means developing and nurturing relationships. But this simple thing seems not so simple a task, after all, thanks to the extremely busy schedules, closed working places, extremely less free time, an introverted personality etc. So what is it that you can do?
Keep reading on as we explore further why and how you can hone this skill of networking for a better professional life!

We all are social beings
Now even if you’re the most introverted and socially reluctant person, you still need connections in your life. At the end of the day, we all are cogs in a machine playing and fitting our roles. Building these work relationships will help you validate as a person while making it more comfortable for you contribute better.
You can start this by saying a simple “Hello, how are you doing” to your co-worker as you take the elevator together or break the ice by sharing your food during lunch. Simple, isn’t it?

The Sense of Accomplishment
We all need someone to back us up in our ideas and tell us that we did good, don’t we?
Building strong, meaningful work relationships with your peers will help you gain confidence in your work. Furthermore, you can incorporate other’s ideas and use your peers as a sounding board for your big assignments and projects. Doing this will not only boost your confidence but will also include them in your success story. Start on your part by encouraging a fellow worker on his hard work or extending a helping hand to a colleague in need.

Future Rank managements
Ascending the work ladder will certainly happen for one your colleagues sooner or later and in such a case, if you’ve built a strong connection it will help you look at the management more radically without any sort of intimidation which occurs sometimes. Further, a good relationship at managerial level can turn into a mentoring one, helping you understand your role and its responsibility better.

Initiate conversations, take a part in the events at an office and if you’re good at it then go ahead and even organize such things.
Final Words Confucius in his words has said “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”, the underlining aspect of this quote is definitely the people and the work environment that you build. The more you network, the more you will realize that developing and sustaining these work relationships will make you fall in love with your work more!

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