Keep your staff engaged in a lockdown. HOW?

As the government announces lockdown, the entire nation gets to taste the “working from home” flavour. What we always assumed as a dream job is now taking a toll on everyone’s life. Lunchtime, meetings, breaks, discussions, colleagues and firefights have become a strong part of daily routine. People have actually started to ‘miss’ their office and everything about being at work. Social distancing is the need of the hour but is it affecting the employees’ productivity?

Your staff might not have ‘real’ work now when they’re not in the office and a few might be in an idle state. Believe it or not, they’re actually longing for some work. Try re-defining their KRAs. Everyone should have something meaningful to do. There are employees with a lot of work and others with nothing at all. Try redistributing, maybe?

Online is a great place to be. Meet there often! Do video-calls, chats, group discussions or even screen sharing. One shouldn’t disconnect with work or with the coworkers. Colleagues are another family. You need one another. Give more of work that involves being with the “team” so the connection doesn’t weaken.

Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all the plans and events a company had in their pipeline but one can always plan for the better times. Tell your employees to think of all those marketing strategies and concepts you can execute after it’s all fixed. The HRs can search for new recruits who can join after the lockdown.

How about attaching rewards? Ask for team efforts or individual contribution for how you can do brand recall activities digitally and the best will win employee of the month? The employees would have something interesting to do and you’d have a bunch of awesome solutions!

It’s natural to feel lonely and disconnected in this isolation period but if we search for solutions, we have them all around us.



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