Keep Networking Even While Working From Home

This pandemic is affecting everyone and everything. From personal life to professional work, nothing is the same. It wasn’t long ago when we were rushing for office, going for sales meetings, having fun with colleagues and casually hanging out with friends. Now, when everyone is working remotely, all those things are so much impossible.

We’re lucky to still have a job and the feeling of isolation isn’t hitting us that hard. Also, given the technology and WiFi strength at home, networking can be challenging but not impractical. Focus on just a few expert tips we suggest:

Always be available to work queries and LinkedIn messages to strengthen your networking game. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.

Figure out why you wish to do networking. Maybe you have a goal to have a huge number of followers to be a public speaker or influencer. Once you are clear why you want to connect with more people, you’re halfway there.

Best is to stay connected with the exiting connections over a simple message now and then. Great thing is that they’d remember you and would further introduce you where you fit the most.

You can’t go out but that can’t stop you from ‘seeing’ people. Come on video calls. It feels a lot like a physical meeting after so many days of social distancing. Try it in your next team meeting, maybe.

Now is the time to learn what you couldn’t because you had no time. Ping your mentors and coaches and get started with the ‘art of something new’.

Online group games, say, Ludo are a great way to feel you’re around your favourite people. Watch-party on Netflix is another amazing thing. It’s so much like being together with your group.

PRO TIP: Don’t make the above tips as a one-time activity. All you need to be is focused and what you’ll have is a strong network of meaningful people.

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