Is Your Idea Unique?

There is an entrepreneur in most of us, especially when we are studying business in colleges. We are all coming up with suggestions and ideas and daydreaming of starting our own venture. It kind of breaks the heart when someone says “So what do you think? Nobody else would have thought of it?” .This is a pretty valid point because what we think might already be thought, executed, run and might have ended as well. Now the problem is where shall we get a unique idea then?
An idea is not just one idea but it can be a mix of small ideas as well. A combination of different ideas doesn’t mean it’s not exclusive. It is an individual’s style and execution that makes a concept unique and continuous improvement on the same makes it stand out of the crowd.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it. – Thomas Edison
Ideas are important for every action. It’s always the ideas that change the entire game. The focus is always on being distinct and doing something nobody has thought of. Every buyer wants a “different” things and every seller wants to make a “different” product. To come up with something nobody has heard of needs a good understanding of the target group. Till the time you are not clear what your audience wants or how you can solve their problem, you can’t come up with a suitable idea.

Doctor sole slippers or silicon heel pads are a good example for studying the market and understanding the target group. A huge section is now suffering from ankle pain and uncomfortable footwear. This redefined the vision of the footwear companies and they started coming up with things that solve the problems.
The different designs and soles of slippers and shoes are in the minds of the manufacturers but who all did really think about those whose ankle hurts or somebody who can’t wear flats. Adding the solution to the product is what made things unique. The idea of comfort was there but comfort with “care” is what made it unique.

An idea becomes a great idea when it’s let out
What happens to all those ideas which are in the mind and never discussed? They are as useless as no idea at all. Whatever you have in mind, let it out, brainstorm and work on it. Some avid reader came up with a solution to a problem. How many total books can a person buy or carry and where all? It’s becoming difficult for bookworms to stay in touch with the books they want to finish reading. This is what is behind the e-book readers that are portable, efficient and easily available. An idea out of an idea brought uniqueness.

When sleep was a problem, sleeping pills and other soothing stuff came up but when snoring is the problem, we have snore stoppers. Innovation is everywhere around! Mobile phones are a must. Nobody can do without them. Everyone has got a Smartphone and with the number of applications we use and how deeply we are into our phones, they are mostly on charge after every few hours. But not every place has a charging spot so a great idea was a power bank. There is a power bank in every house and
evolving a step ahead from the regular mobile chargers, this is the uniqueness of the idea.
If you don’t work on it, it won’t exist.

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