Inexpensive Marketing Ideas For Early Starters

You have a great product and you know that it will be a hit in the market but you don’t have enough budgets to promote it. It happens. Usually, the startups don’t have enough funds and even if you are funded or bootstrapped, you’ll watch every penny before spending.
But there is good news! You need not have ample of money to run your campaign or to catch the eye-balls. Even with a small budget you can get in return some good amount. Let’s discuss a few:

CONTENT– A free yet best thing that helps the most in your brand promotion is the content. Write it yourself and make it as interesting and engaging. Even if you are not so good at writing, there are infographics and “how to” videos. All the articles written will be uploaded on your page/website/blog and will get good traffic. The more industry related topics, the better. It doesn’t require any huge investment but time & efforts. But in the end, this simple approach is all worthwhile.

SOCIAL MEDIA- When there is content there is a source to upload the content as well. Social media is the biggest asset. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or WordPress; all these platforms are useful in their unique ways to give your audience the message of your brand. Facebook is known and operated at all ages and has the widest of the reach. You can connect to the other professionals on LinkedIn and tweet interesting stuff on Twitter. The best platform to catch the attention of the viewers through
photos and videos is Instagram. It’s all free to share and reach.

TARGET THE RIGHT AUDIENCE– What is the point of putting all the efforts if you are not targeting the right group of audience? All the investment, time & efforts will go wasted if the information is going to the wrong people. You need to make sure that whatever you post at whichever platform, the audience you wish to reach is receiving all of the data.

BLOG/WEBSITE– never underestimate the power of a blog or website. It is proof of your presence digitally. It authenticates the establishment of your work. List yourself where required and update your correct details online. Where else would anyone land for the information or query? Also, better if it’s eye-catchy and user-friendly. It’s not much of an investment but works a lot.
REFERRALS– Word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool. Nothing else works better to get new customers like the people who trust you. They spread the word about your brand and work better than any other way and it is super convincing. Every big company has a referral program even if it to hire new people, referrals are the best, free and satisfying method.
E-MAIL MARKETING- This digital marketing tool has been of a great use to many. All you need is a huge list of people who wish to send your newsletter or mail to and then with the help of any e-mail marketing service platform, shoot the mails. Now the server can be free or nominally priced. In any way,
your message will be sent from a hundred to a thousand people at once. Just one thing to be kept in mind- make sure the list has only genuine data.

ONLINE CONTESTS– when you have people coming on your social media page, you must not miss a chance to run online contests to increase the engagement and if you are giving away any gifts, it’s wonderful!

BUSINESS CARDS– Your business card is how people will recall you after the meeting. A quirky, awesome and interesting business card helps to put impression that will be great for your business at this era of work.
There can be more than the above ways to reach out to the people important for your business but the above points must be followed.

Also, your hard work WILL pay-off!

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