With the spread of Coronavirus spreads the newest acronym across the globe. Work from home or WFH is now used as frequently as once OMG was used. There’s more to just doing office work from home in these three words. It includes managing the two worlds. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to juggle between the two lives but when there’s a lockdown, there is no other way.

Quarantine was suggested and nation-wide lockdown was put to action from 21st March under Janata Curfew. Honourable Prime Minister and state governments requested everyone to stay inside homes and carry out their professional duties (to all those who can) from their premises. This public health measure is the quickest way to save you from all the harm our way but it comes with some negative effects.

Freelancers were seen as those with the coolest life. It was assumed that it was so comfortable starting work whenever they can, doing whatever they want and wearing whatever they like. Now when the population is made to feel like a freelancer, they don’t like it. The TVs and internet is full of information and updates about coronavirus. WhatsApp messages and even Tiktok videos are all around it. Staying just at home and thinking about pandemic and end of humanity is stressing everyone to the core.

The imposed quarantine and lost human interaction are hitting the extroverts. You find people in a lot of stress, panic, frustration and fears. There is more or work, less of going out and just limited food. Businesses are facing financial losses, people are being fired and boredom is hitting everyone badly. If nothing else, it’s a situation of trauma.

The writers and designers are not the only ones having a block but everyone. Since there is very limited colleague interaction, discussions, brainstorming and cooperation, people are finding it a lot difficult to cope up with their regular KRAs. The work is not the same, the staff is not as dedicated, there are no new ideas and hence, declining productivity.

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