How To Survive A Layoff

Looking for a job is always a challenging process especially when it’s taking weeks. You have to deal with the constant lows throughout. Job search is an intense task that can seriously mess up with your mood. You are angry, anxious and totally dull. You feel like you’re letting your family down and feel unwanted. Every rejection takes a toll on your confidence. Tossing & turning at nights and still no answer the next day; the circle goes on of restlessness and no response.

You keep wondering what’s wrong with you, why can’t you get hired. It becomes difficult to keep your spirits up and to not take rejections personally. Thankfully, there are proven ways to come out of stress, regain the motivation and rock your interviews!

Keep updating your resume. Change the format and information. Make it different and interesting. Take ideas from the internet.

Stay active in job search. Make a profile in multiple job-portals and keep searching and applying. Ask your friends for referring you in their companies. This helps.

Don’t sit lonely and depressed. Instead, go out, talk to people and make contacts. Loneliness won’t find you a job, connections will.

Give as many interviews as possible. You might learn from one interview and use in the other. Regular interviews will only make you better.

Seek emotional support from your closed ones. Don’t develop stress. Take that out and don’t let negative emotions hold you back.

It will take time but that’s what good things do. Stay positive and go on!

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