Sitting at home all the time in the corner of your choice all day pouring coffee & water and munchies in the other hand might seem a dream but it gets too exhausting after a while. All those who thought to work from home is so much fun and amazing would never say that again. It’s a CHAOS. Neither are you in your totally professional zone nor in your homely comfort.

The e-mail and WhatsApp notifications pop up as you work in the kitchen. There’s a call from office right when it’s too loud at home. There is no time for personal grooming when you have a list of duties. Clearly, you need a lot of patience to juggle between the two worlds. Now it’s a task to not lose your control while working from home.

Here are some tips following which you can maintain your sanity in your compulsive quarantine or generally while working from home:

Have a dedicated workplace

Working effectively isn’t possible of you don’t have a place to be at. A specific corner or space where you can put your files and supplies is essential. Try to avoid your bed. Let the mattress rest too.

Set up a schedule

You can’t just sit all day in one position and work. Neither should you take frequent breaks. Prepare a schedule or a time table like we had as a student. Decide your work and break timings and you’ll see the difference.

Be practical

Don’t hoard yourself with a list of tasks. Take up only what you can do. Don’t give up your nights and sleep for that extra work. You can use that time doing something that makes you happy or learning a new skill.

Learn to unplug

Now when you have given your dedicated hours to work, unplug yourself. Forget about work until the next day. Gove time to yourself, be with your family, do what makes you happy and enjoy life.

Communicate & take help

The creative block is normal. Seek help from your friends, colleagues or whoever you think can. Brainstorming and discussions can help generate ideas and make your work faster.

Go outside

Stepping out of the house after a long project and deadlines can seriously relax your mind and you’re ready for your next big thing. Vitamin-D, fresh air and socializing is a great thing. Just avoid it during the quarantine.

Good luck on your new adventures!


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