How to set work-from-home boundaries?

Sliding into another week of quarantine, we realize two important things. One, that every profile can be given a work from home and two, that work from home is not what we thought it would be. All these days were proof that people have started to ignore the line between professional and personal life. Initially, the employees were asked to log in to the regular office hours and the work will be done like in the office but the eye-opener is that some employers don’t see the time when their staff is working from home.

While you all are “living a job” here are a few suggestions that can come in handy and make your life easier:

Set up a WORK space. No, we’re not talking at your favorite side of the bed or couch but moving to a real chair. It’s proven that a good posture makes you more attentive and hence, productive. That how you do complete your work well by time.

The challenge is real when you’re working from home. There are a lot of distractions and the concentration spans drop down to the lowest but you got to be really focused. Avoid everything interrupting as a most annoying colleague and you won’t stretch any longer hours.

Find a balance between home and work. It’s natural that when you’re at home, you work double shifts. You have parents, kids, siblings and other responsibilities. You juggle between tasks and go crazy but this is what you have to work on. Divide time for tasks. Don’t put one foot here and one foot there.

Communicate with colleagues, take their help and help them. Once all of you start helping each other, the KRAs become a cakewalk. There are times when you need somebody to take you out of the situation and that can be a co-worker. Don’t lose touch. Rather, make it stronger.

Take time for yourself. An hour of self-care or meditation will relax your mind and boost your productivity while keeping you off hating your job.

Make working-from-home work for you!

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