How To Deal With International Clients

You put your all your efforts in your work and when you wish to expand, you will consider expanding globally too. In this digital era, no geographical boundaries can stop you. Thanks to the internet, the world is now a global village and anyone can connect to anyone in the world. When you work with international clients, you can always be sure of big payments in stronger foreign currencies. However, with great benefits come great challenges. Let’s discuss the points to be kept in mind while dealing with global clients:

Understand the Time zones:

Don’t just make a call to the client as per the time in your country. It might be the day time at your place and he might be in the middle of his night’s sleep. The world clock is different. Always check the time before making a call. Though you would like to keep most of the things on mails considering the times and availability of the other person, calls is important at times. Don’t forget to respect your clients’ business hours and lunch/break hours.

Always ask, don’t just assume:

What a particular gesture or action means in one country might different in the other nation. What’s common sense to you can’t be to your client. This might create a lot of misunderstanding and should be cleared and not just left on assumptions. What is the client’s spoken language, what is their culture and what are the local sign language; if you don’t understand, ask. Clarifying is better than misinterpretation. Just make sure you are on the same page.


You decide the product for your service/product or end up at a win-win negotiation. When you quote for a particular project, do specify what basis you are charging on and in what currency you wish to receive the payment in- theirs or yours. The rates can also be customized as per your client’s currency. PayPal is the highly used payment transfer method across countries. Payment method, duration, mode and other details must be settled well before.

Cultural sensitivity:

Never bring up culturally sensitive topics. Never discuss on religion or politics. Always do some research on their customs and manners. Some cultures don’t talk about money upfront so you can change your approach. In some countries, aggressive selling is a turn off and so you’ll promote yourself accordingly. Speaking of culture, do consider the client’s national holidays and don’t bother them unless you are asked to.

Keep a legal help ready:

Lawsare different in every country for different things. Your standard contract may not be legally applicable in case of international clients. Consult with your legal representative who understands the international law well enough, specially wiring money between countries before signing any contract with a global client so you are legally safe if something goes wrong.

Hope these suggestions help you with your next BIG deal!!

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