Hiring And Keeping The Interns

The expert in anything was once an intern. Interns are just as the employees of the company, might or might not be paid but work just like everyone else. They make your life easier and you can delegate all big, moderate or small responsibilities on them. They are a part of your team and their opinions should equally matter.

When the team is small, every person counts including your interns. Hiring right interns is like hiring some promising fresher employees. Some companies have employees with them years older and interestingly, they were interns there first.

Register the internship vacancy at various job portals or visit different colleges and institutes to get the u talent of your choice. If you can’t find your interns, let your interns find you! Get a program or project ready for them to work on. You can also share the vacancy on the social media so people can share it. Either you find the interns or let the interns find you!

Define their work                                                                                               Get a program or project ready for the new joiners ready to work on to create a long lasting experience for them. They should have a purpose of coming to you, if nothing else, let there be good learning. You should feel that you are not wasting your money on them and they should not feel that they are wasting their time.ve them a set and define role matching their ambition so they can shore up your brand to future employees. Also, age doesn’t matter 

Introduce them well Hiring isn’t the last step. Once the interns are on-board, introduce them to their reporting manager and the entire team, if possible. They should know who they are working with and who to go to. Have an induction program for them and make them comfortable.

Pick wisely The need for interns in mostly urgent but don’t go so fast. It’s important to evaluate your interns’ potential basis the roles. The interns are more or less with the same experience so it’s essential to check their passion to work and other skills. Apply the same to your interns what you look for in your employees.

Paying is good Work experience and internship better is good but a little stipend on the top is great. A sales intern, for say, shall also be given some incentive. Money makes people come to the office every day. Mentioning “paid internship” in job ads will also get you surprisingly more applications. Interns are more serious, perform better and stay punctual when they are going to be paid at the end.

Train the talent  No matter how skillful the intern it, to get into the role you have decided for them, you have to train them. Even if the interns have been doing to same thing previously, they should become familiar to your methods, portals and tools. A specific time period should be allotted for the training so they are on the same line.

The time is changed. Interns are no longer just coffee mongers, documents filers and photocopiers of the company. What they bring to the organization ranges way beyond the basic tasks they are given. There should be a win-win situation where both the interns and the company benefit. The interns should be given the advantages and challenges that will improve their skills and add value to their career and the organization.

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