Gain A LOT With A Simple Desk Job

We see people talking about career, job, profits and money. People will share motivational quotes and seniors will give you some inspirational speeches. Even the TED talks will not mention this great gain that you get from a simple desk job.

Humans are slowly forgetting the art and pleasure of sharing. Nobody tells us about the good side of a workplace.  It’s a two way road, you read our blog and we’ll give you a perfect reason for it. In this article, we’ll know about the GAINS of a desk job.

*Adjusts the chair*

OK! So you work at an 8 to 9 hours job for at least 5 days a week. Let’s suppose we all are dedicated workers (Giggles) and we stay glued to our screens to complete our to-do lists and achieve our targets. There is a work pressure and we don’t move from our favorite chairs.

Now what happens when we stay at one spot all the time and leave the seat only for washroom or lunch time? Also, not all of us leave the seat at the lunch hours too. So much love for the workstation. Isn’t it? What is the best that we can do apart from work (and chats)? EATING!

We are all guilty of munching throughout the day be it a candy or a cheesy snack. If anything if offered, we would eat it. People at the desk don’t wait for any potluck; the entire day is a picnic. It’s like you get something, I get something and it’s a treat at all times of the day.

In this process of feeding and pampering ourselves t entire day, what we gain (apart from or even more than money and experience) is a lot of calories, a few pounds and some inches. Oh! Look at the love handles. There is nothing to love about them, by the way.

*Munches on something*

How many of us really take stairs (except the time the lift isn’t working and the office if on Ground floor)? Hardly any. You’ll keep gaining and gaining something you don’t really wish to but this is what you’ve chosen for yourself.

Now when we have reminded you of how much you’ve put on, when are you starting with taking a little care of yourself?

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