Extra services coworking spaces can offer: One Co.Work

Coworking spaces can be great for a self-employed, independent professional who wants to find a collaborative setting to work. More and more coworking spaces are cropping up, so entrepreneurs and professionals have more options to choose from. However, to stand out, many coworking spaces are finding that they have to provide more value to the customers. This will help them to get them to keep coming back. Here are some extra services coworking spaces can offer.

Have an Outdoor Working Space

Especially if you are in a warmer climate, you should have space where people can work in the natural air and sunlight. Some people do their best work outside and might appreciate high-speed internet and a clean work environment outdoors.

Company Logo Placement

Some coworking spaces allow their dedicated membership holders to place their customized company logo within the office entrance’s private foyer. The coworking space can provide designers who can create the logo sign free of charge, helping the members’ businesses.

Reception Services

All coworking spaces have a designated area to check-in. But often, it is not fully staffed, which can lead to confusion when people come in or have questions. Having a dedicated receptionist can definiltely help. He/She can help with tasks like assisting members to reserve conference rooms, distribute mail, and other basic needs.


You can find coworking spaces across the world that will offer you discounts once you join as a member. For example, One Co.Work in India provides their services without any lock-in or capex. By collaborating with local businesses, coworking spaces can help spread brand awareness and encourage more people to join.

Investor Meetings

Some coworking spaces stand out by offering a unique venue for their members to rent for public or private event. Members can host investors meetings in a private coworking space, to help market themselves to their investors.

Diversifying Income

By adding in auxiliary services that genuinely add to your clients, you can expand your coworking financial model. Other ideas could be offering classes, such as yoga or dance, or providing childcare services. You could also add a 3-D printer or perhaps add a plotter in addition to your regular printer. No matter how you want to market yourselves, there are different niche services you can add to your business. There are many ways that you can stand out and make sure the services offered by your coworking space becomes the new favourite in the market.

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