Cut The Clutter

Productivity is what matters the most at work. Can you guess what of all the neglected things affects productivity? It’s how clean your workspace is. Untidy, messy and distracting table will only reflect how you are. An unorganized desk welcomes unnecessary stress. A dying plant at your table, lying papers and other stuff tells about how you work. We all have colleagues around us who actually need to realize the importance of a clean workspace.

Why do we need a clean desk?

Better focus– A messy desk implies distraction because nothing is at place. Suppose you need an urgent document and things are all over the place. How will you find it? Clean desk lets you focus on your work.

Safety & Health– Sickness directly affects the productivity. A dirty workplace means more germs and illness. Keep yourself safe and healthy but keeping your workplace clean.

Less stress– At a cluttered workplace, there is only an increase in stress. A distracting, crowed and dirty workplace adds more to the unorganized pain. A paper gets lost in all the files and you spend the whole time struggling & finding it.

The state of your workplace not just hampers your productivity but this is how you can hurt your image at work. Your coworkers see you as you keep your desk. Especially when you lose their pen-drives between piles of mess. If nothing else, it’s no less than an ergonomical nightmare.

Then we have an interesting lot of people who have the kitchen stuff at their desks. Collection of cups, glasses and even plates. They just don’t bother to pick them up. It’s important you understand that everything has a proper place. You have to place things in order so you can think better, work proper and have clean desk. Also, you never know when your boss just notices you.

Cleaning is a good habit

The way you eat, bath, pray and work every day, you should also clean your desk every day. It should be a part of your routine and your self-assumed KRA. You can’t always rely on the office help to clean up for you. You would be surprised to see what all things you would find under all that heap of files. No matter how small or common this may sound, it makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Take care of everything that’s out of place because your desk is your impression.

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