Work Culture And Productivity

We often talk about the work culture of a place but what exactly it is?

Is it how you talk, think or behave or is it how you work? The culture of an office is what happens when a manager leaves the room. Are people still behaving the same or if anything changes after he/she leaves? It is the real culture. Every office has an environment and a certain way of working. Some offices are extremely interesting with happy employees while others are partially gloomy. What makes the difference is the kind of people who are leading.

You can go through an extreme work pressure or give your 100% even if you’re not well but if you have a superior who’s made your life miserable, you just can’t deal with it. Bad managers are bad for business and worse for the employees. Nobody can stay with a bad manager. Employees tend to leave the company because it’s hard to survive. The talent-drain is the biggest loss a business will face. But imagine there is a boss whose presence and absence is the same; people are happy all day.

Seems so good, right?

We at One Co.Work don’t believe in bossism but leadership. We understand the feelings or our people and that there should not be any negativity. A toxic culture can destroy your morale and will to work. A bad boss has the tendency to take over a good staff and destroy it. One Co.Work encourages participation, equality, interaction and respect. Regardless of the position, we value everyone equally.
There is no superior-subordinate but two parties with a productive goal.
While you are at your coworking space, you’ll hear all the chatter, happy noises and a lot of discussions.

Every person is talking to the other about something with one thing in common, a smile. Fortunately,
our staff is ecstatic and self-motivated and we assume the responsibility of brushing away all the
complaints and negative buzz that can disturb their high spirits. One Co.Work has complete faith in the fact that all that we are, it’s what our employees have made us. We have worked really hard to create our culture of “ONE Happy Place”.

We promote the same culture at all our centres so that the coworkers are always motivated to work and love the place they are at. Participation is the key to all the productive discussions and only satisfied employees put forward their points at a brainstorming session confidently. One Co.Work is proud to say that our coworkers at expressive and never hesitate to discuss anything. People need motivation and we stimulate them with our understanding, services, fun events and transparency.
A happy staff is more productive, healthy and jovial. Better interactions trigger engagement and people tend to stay longer because they know they are heard and spoken to very well. Human resource is the greater asset that you can have and it should be valued the most. A horrible work environment only inspired rumours, gossips, negativity and attrition. If a flower doesn’t bloom, it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the flower but because something is wrong with the environment.
To win the marketplace, you must first win in the workforce. – Doug Conant

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