Why is time more valuable than money?

Internet, just like the World is a funny place! No seriously, Google the keywords like money and you will come across so many articles teaching you how to earn big bucks and then how to efficiently manage it. Everyone wants to teach you how to earn big and come first in the rat race but there’s hardly anyone who will remind you of how you should and must value
something more important, Time! You might be working around the clock ignoring your family, friends in order to make it big but just take a pause and think, in the end, will all the money worth it if you can’t spend some
quality time with your loved ones and make some lifelong memories?
And before I go further ranting and convincing you more about the value of time management, I will directly come to point on how you should from today start managing your time efficiently so that when you’re old looking back at your life, you have “true achievements” to look back onto.

24 hours is all you got!
If you think Bill Gates or Ambani has got more time than these 24 hours, then you are definitely living in a bubble of misconception! Using every day to the best of your use is one of the most important steps in attaining success and happiness. Plan your day in advance, make a to-do list which will help you prioritize your tasks and saves you from physical or mental exhaustion.
With a plan ready in your hands for every day, you will see that those same 24 hours are getting more productive, giving you better results.                       

Time will be needed to spend money!
You have been working relentlessly, every day for as long as you have known, but think about it what made you happy and content in life; was it those long hours in the office or the dinner that you had with your family? It is no secret that once time is gone no amount of money can bring it back. You must not run after just making money, you must make a life!
While you have earned enough money to afford a luxurious Euro trip, it will be waste if that trip never becomes a reality! So before you run out of time and no amount of money can buy it back, take that trip or that hobby that you always wanted to learn!                                                 

Valuing time is the ultimate success mantra
Ask any popular personality and they all will tell you the same mantra for success, valuing time. You can’t expect success and money to come and kiss your feet if you don’t value your or other’s time. There are people who are on their deathbeds owning huge empires to themselves and the only thing they wish for is more time, not money! So don’t run after making money as it is just a tool not the ultimate goal of life! Prioritize your physical and mental health and more importantly value other’s time in your life.                Lastly, it’s always up to you if you make time your best friend or the worst enemy and who better than Jim Rohn has summed it up where he said

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time”.

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