We Bet Your Office Space Won’t Do This On Your Birthday!

Birthdays are special, you feel celebrated. Remember distributing chocolates at school and everybody singing the ‘Happy-birthday’ song?
But things are not the same anymore. Isn’t it a kind of task to be putting so many efforts in planning your own party? Also, we all would agree that so many feasts are not easy on the pocket too.

But what if we tell you that there is an office space that would not just bring a cake for you but also sponsor your birthday treat at Work? Brace yourselves, better days are here! We call them ‘working at One Co.Work’. A variety of snacks spread across the table just when you are blowing the candles. The entire office will celebrate your happy-day (plus, the birthday song). And the best part? You don’t pay for anything!

What More Events We Do!

It’s not that we need free lunches but knowing that something has been arranged for you to feel good. This ‘little extra something’ makes people feel valued.

While most bosses don’t even smile at their employees, setting up a birthday bash for the coworkers is really moving. While you are at that coffee machine for a hot cup, someone at     One Co.Work is being pampered on their birthday!

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