Is It OK To Nap At Work? Check What Unique Solution Do We Have!

As you step into One Co.Work, Bengaluru, the first thing that welcomes you is the strong aroma of hot coffee followed by a group of people who are discussing and brainstorming about brilliant things. Just nearby is a rich and loaded cafeteria where you’ll find a good number of people. We believe in working the way we love and this sense is inculcated in our office design and creation. The post-lunch crash is omnipresent. You just can’t help feeling lazy and sleepy after a good meal. Your enthusiasm for work starts going down and going through the rest of the day seems impossible.

Not just One Co.Work offers modern art-like office spaces, high-speed internet, meeting & conference rooms, admin support, community managers, frequent events, legal support and other necessary amenities but also a new addition to the services- the sleeping pods. Yes, seriously! You have a long exhausting day or you need a break from work? No longer a problem! Our comfortable and cosy sleeping pods will give you the rest you need. A short nap is like switching off your phone and then switching it on. It works better. A nap works the same as a full night sleep if it’s a quality nap.

Having a dream is important; sleep for it.

Some professionals choose to work all night while some schedules their mornings for heavy tasks.    No matter how much planned your timetable is, there can always be a shift in the plan due to uncertainties and other important things coming up. The changes and irregularities in the program can leave you totally dog-tired. In other cases, you might not be feeling well to go as per the to-do list or your baby didn’t let you sleep the whole night. Little things must not waste your entire day. For this, we have our napping pods. Just go, lie down, take a good nap and recharge yourself.

Sleeping at work is a sign that your employees are hard-working & sacrifice their sleep to work done

Companies these days are facing major productivity problems due to a poor work-life balance and demanding life. People are stressed and it directly affects their output. The Japanese workers take naps at work very seriously. They’ve coined a name for the practice of dozing at work-“inemuri” for it. Japanese understand the long commute and hectic life and so they have made this habit of sleeping in public space. It is believed that a better-rested worker is a more productive worker.

Being in battle with your brain and trying to drag yourself to work with awfully low levels of energy hardly works. Coffee might be a bit helpful but fails the moment you turn to work. Perhaps, the most effective way to get over the laziness and sleepiness is a power nap. 30 minutes – one-hour power nap and go to your workstation more productive and fresh. If you’re at One Co.Work, Bengaluru office, you’re lucky! Once you are charged and set to get back to work, you can again dive back into the colourful world of co-working. Appealing, quirky, well-equipped and super-interactive, a shared space is a great place to work in.

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