One Co.Work Redefining The Future Of Workspaces In India

There are many businesses flourishing throughout the globe and out of all, one entry is that of shared workspaces. Today, we can see many big payers and early entrants getting into this segment. Not only this extends the segment and its scope is helping better in meeting the rising demand. The best coworking spaces help clients save a lot of money on IT, pantry, housekeeping and internet services. This is the reason why more and more companies are moving into the shared spaces and the best coworking spaces in India don’t miss any points to keep their clients happy.

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One Co.Work became the part of the coworking industry in 2015 and has been a ‘home’ to freelancers, startups and corporates. As per CBRE, the growing rents of office spaces is getting higher with the passing time and could reach up to 6-10 meter Square feet by 2020. With such a statistic in the notice, there has to be a match between the demand and the supply of coworking space. One Co.Work is aggressively on an expansion spree with a vision to be the story behind every success story. Being India’s only hospitality inspired coworking , state of the art facilities and dedicated services, they’re close to getting into the list of the best coworking spaces in India.

What are the reasons that make One Co.Work a contender to be in the list of best coworking spaces in India:

Cost Effectiveness– It’s majorly the cost that attracts our clients from diverse professions and areas. A shared office space is expected to save 20-25% of the costs compared to the traditional office spaces or rented offices. You have to just pay the subscription price and start working without having to divide your time into IT problems, housekeeping, cafeteria fixing and other petty things. It’s all taken care of. Not just the per-seat cost allures the freelancers but also big corporates for the facilities they get.

Networking & more networking– Their coworking centres managed by the community managers have ample collaboration opportunities given the events we arrange for the coworkers. From knowledge to birthday events, the focus is on more coworker engagement. All these events are a place where coworkers meet and connect and share opportunities with each other. Connections get you business and One Co.Work gets you connections. Their coworking space is the melting pot of work, cultures and ideas stirred by collaboration and networking. A freelancer meets his employer, a vacant seat gets his perfect match and businesses join hands here.

Hospitality inspired– It’s their services that make them the best coworking space for their coworkers giving them a great retention rate. New clients are good but staying clients are great. This is why they never miss on any change to impress our coworkers with our services and assistance. A client loss is a reputational loss if happens on a bad note. The clients are provided with equipped meeting rooms, recreation areas, thinking spaces, 27×7 IT support, office help and all other basic requirements that let the clients focus on their work with entire comfort. One Co.Work curates experience beyond just work and this leaves a lasting impression.

Millennial driven: India is the nation with the largest millennial population forming 50% of the global workforce. One Co.Work space provides the best environment and opportunities to the budding talent to flourish better. This invites more collaborative style or working and adds energy to the office.

One more very exciting thing that they do is through their in-house app. The application is their digital workspace solution that connects the coworkers with each other. It’s just like a social media app where interested people connect to each other for networking and collaboration. A freelancer may approach a specific company and a team might get their new employee with this.

Another benefit of their workspace solution includes the performance tracking and cloud computing solutions to the coworkers. There is also a grievance discussion and feedback form in the app so there is complete transparency and situation handling on the spot.

After the acquisition of IShareSpace’s business, One Co.Work is all set to take such centres under its umbrella and help the coworking economy. The businesses that are established with so much of passion, hardwork and dreams involved shouldn’t shut down and this is why we would acquire them so the existing clients & staff don’t suffer and modify them as per the One Co.Work style so that the clients get more than what they were getting.  Our best in class hospitality and digital workspace solution is what lets our coworkers ‘work the way they love’.

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