It’s “That Time” Of The Year. Know The Shortcut To Promotion!

We all have so much on our plate, a lot of pending and new tasks always keeping us occupied. Life doesn’t seem fair at times. Everyone has their long to-do lists. Sometimes we wish there were more hours in the day. Not having any spare time for that extra break, we are still answerable to the question ‘how do you justify your work hours?’.       

It feels so frustrating that the manager, who keeps assigning you tasks all the time asks you what you have been doing. While we can’t answer back like ‘don’t you know already?’, we have a couple of tips that will help you let your boss know what all you are doing.

First, you don’t have to brag about all the activities at once. Just send across a brief mail on a certain task’s accomplishment.

Second, take the first step. Come up with something new that your boss never expected. Show them how great you are at your work.

These things will keep your manager posted, reflect your competency and competitiveness. Putting your work in your boss’s radar will help you during the appraisals.

*That’ll be a million dollar as a charge but sharing this content will also work*

Thank us later, go shoot that mail now (or maybe check our vacant positions!).

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