I’m Not Complaining But I’m Over-Worked

It’s the new financial year. New quarter, New targets, New deadlines and New pressure. Every day at the office is scheduled with a lot of work. Now your new to-do list is all set to give you sleepless nights. Every time your manager passes by, you’ll pray to not get some more work on your lap.
Nobody wishes to be seen as a cry-baby or run away from the real job but sometimes the task list actually seems endless. We understand.

If you don’t whine about the tasks you have been assigned, it would be seen as you have less work. Nobody would realize you’re overworked till you voice your concerns. If you think you have so much on your plate, you need to speak up.

Here are some pro tips:

Be specific only of your workload. NEVER compare your load with that of your colleagues. Things will backfire for sure.

Calculate how much time you give to a certain task and how long will everything take.
Do the calculation yourself before your manager does and you’re in trouble.

Don’t complain. Just state the facts.
Going on about the same thing will only reflect that you don’t want to work. There are jobs that require a number of revisions in a task. Include it all. Discuss it with your manager. Tell him/her what’s taking the time.


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