If Delhi Wins, Our Office Is Yours For A Month!

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Cricket, the game of teams has been gripping the minds of the audience since forever. It is the IPL 2019 fever now taking over the entire country.

The ‘festival’ is the hottest topic of discussion. You find the screening happening everywhere but sadly, you end up missing your favourite IPL moments in the office.
Want to enjoy every run made and every wicket taken while at work? Say no more! See the action live at One Co.Work, Gurugram.

Bring over your tribe and cheer for your favourite team!!
It’s Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings on 1st May 2019.
We’ve in-store something great for the cricket fans! Big LED screen for the HD experience, super cool air-conditioning for proper ambience and on the top of it ‘CHILLED DRINKS AND SNACKS’ on the house!

A bottoms-up for every six!!

Cancel all your plans and come over to One Co.Work, Gurugram to experience IPL like never before. If Delhi wins on that day, you have our office for a month. Yes! You read it right. Have our word! Only 50 seats are available! Book yours NOW.


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