How To Do Personal Branding

Imagine a situation when your potential boss at your dream job can relate your personal brand with the kind of person he/she needs in the team. Or maybe, your clients can link your personal brand with trust, success and satisfaction thus, improving your sales. Personal branding is important for everyone; to those who own a business and also to those who are looking for a job. Creating your personal brand is a smart way to take charge of your career and how you’ll be distinguished in a market.
A strong and successful personal brand won’t just fetch you a right job, promotions but will also attract talent and funds. Brand means numbers. The total number of followers on Twitter, Facebook likes and YouTube subscribers can make you a thought leader or a social-media influencer. Personal branding takes a lot of dedication. Some steps to build it are as follows:
Find what you’re most interested in doing
If you do something you don’t enjoy, you can never be good at them. If you do something you really like, you will take it very seriously and would try to improve yourself at it. Once you are sure of being good at something, you can accordingly make commitments and be as better at it as you can be. This makes you more competitive and hugely involved. Even if a thousand people are doing it, you’d try to come out better.

Find your social platform
Not all the social platforms can be equally good to everyone. To some, Twitter is great and to others, YouTube fits best. A website/blog works really well for the writers. You need to see where your audience will attraction is the highest. Being at the right platform will totally give you the worst results and you’ll end up getting demotivated. Once you know the best way, start producing content.
Team up
Collaboration is the term you must be coming through these days a lot. The bloggers generally use this term when they pair up with a fellow influencer. This doubles the audience and footfall on your channel.
YouTube collaboration is the most that you see. Collaboration is also between the companies and the influencers (companies offer their product to people which huge fan following so both the parties are benefitted). You build relations, get more followers and spread your content better by working with the thought leaders of the same niche. Everyone wins and everyone grows.

Build your email list or shopping site
If you want to send a newsletter or any announcement, you got to send bulk emails to your audience to inform them. Or if you are coming up with your own stuff, you need to send your invitation to your email list to get the audience. You can see this in case of freelance illustrators that come up with their shopping site after a while.
The product launch
Now when you are ready with your products or content, you can launch them on your platform. Or you may also get into affiliate marketing under your brand name. It can be an education content like class notes or products like makeup, everything is sellable or third-party products.
Building your brand would take a lot of time. It’s not easy but it’s worth all the efforts. Nothing can take your brand name and success from you and this would follow you throughout your career.

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