The best way of communication is personal. You are left with no doubt on the tone of the person, the expressions, body language and especially the vibe of the conversation. But in this era of quarantine and work from home, the only option is scheduling phone or video calls. Forget emails and texts, only personal calls will save you at an interpersonal level.

While telecon is great news, the bad news is that there is no professional “background noise” but rather some embarrassing ones. It’s real; we’ve all been there. Pets, babies, calling names, loud conversations and TV at top of the volume. If nothing else, the internet connection stabs you hard. Now, we can’t change a few things but can work well on the others.

Start the call with a warm greeting and a smile. Establishing a rapport will strongly grab the attention of the person you are speaking you and they’d be more interested in taking the conversation ahead.

Keep your message clear. Whatever you are conveying should be clear to the person you’re speaking to else it all becomes meaningless. Your words should be simple, talk at an understandable speed and clarity of speech is always a plus.

Structure your points. Create a flow of what you’re going to say and be ready to answer the questions. Rather, keep asking them in the middle if you both are on the same page. Give reasons and examples if you’re pitching something new. Be ready with an explanation if there’s anything difficult.

When you’re done, give the other person an equal chance to speak, argument or ask. Closing a call in a good way always works wonders. Both of you would remember what did you speak about and what was the conclusion that makes it easier to continue on the same in the next call.

Remember, an equal chance of speaking and listening always win the game!

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