How To Communicate Better With The Coworkers

No matter how much we talk and interact the entire day on calls, e-mails and chats, there is always some scope for improvement. When we are working somewhere, bad communication can hamper the execution. A place where people communicate well has fewer chances of employees moving out. Humans want to be heard and be spoken to nicely. If you are going to work where you feel you are not heard or not being spoken to well, you won’t stay there for long.
Also, we just don’t look for being heard by our bosses but everyone who matters.
Communication is one skill that needs to be developed and it helps to create connections. A bad communication makes the workplace sour and there will be a problem getting the work done.
Here are some tips for communicating better with coworkers:

Be Clear
If you have a point, state it clearly and add a logic if required. Be direct. Let there be no confusion. The clearer the point, the better the chances of good communication.

Listen well
Because you want to be heard, you should also listen well too. Listen to what others are trying to tell you clearly. When you’re being spoken to, try not doing multitasking and focus on the talks. Remember, you can respond better only if you listen better.

Look at your own way
We all have a certain style of talking, a body language and a tone. Take a look at your own style.
Some people use some words or phrases frequently. Those can be objectionable, hurtful or just not right. Refrain from being offensive. Such words divert the ears from the message to only a particular word/phrase. Don’t let your body language make you look disinterested. It’s not always the other person but also you if the message is not communicated properly.

Everyone’s got their preferred communication method
Some people are comfortable on calls, some prefer everything on e-mails and some people are verbally good. For everyone, there is a different medium of communicating they choose better.
If somebody didn’t pick your call, try sending a mail. You might just get a response quicker than ever.

Is it the right time?
Now we have a very important point here. At times, the problem is not what is said but when it’s said. It’s not always good to pick someone on their mistake in a meeting or around a group.
Also, just because you have an urgent need to talk, don’t just call the other one to leave everything and talk to you. If they won’t respond, you won’t like it. Same way, if a person is stressed or having a bad day, give them a break. Things done at right time are better and quicker.

Be helpful, stay productive
When it comes to delivering a difficult message, stay calm and positive. The goal is to reach a good result. It’s no point embarrassing anyone or making the situation awkward. If we need a result, we need to be helpful.

Address the mistakes
If you find any flaw in the communication process, be quick to point that out or else it will make the coming time hard. Also, there is no problem admitting your mistake and apologize for it. The same way, if somebody makes a mistake, don’t keep exaggerating it, be generous instead and forgive.
Always treat the others as you want to be treated and if you don’t like a certain thing, don’t do it to the others.

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