CoWorking Vs Working From Home

Our homes are the best places for us. We can literally be there all day and do what we wish too, in all our comfort and ease. You can work when you like, as you like and be in your PJs all day. Plus, working at home is free!

But one drawback that everyone who has worked from home has faced is lack of focus. Not just focus, sometimes you also need the motivation to work further. At home, there is your bed to pull you back, the comfort will make you lazy and the multiple distracting sounds and odd chores will keep
you busy. The most feasible option to escape such a situation is coworking.
Due to a boosting number of freelancers and solopreneurs, there has been a good amount of escalation in coworking spaces. People love to have a space they can call their own. The shared spaces have memberships.

You get to choose offers with multiple benefits and get started. The millennials are always looking to go for an alternative form of employment and what interests people the most is their own business. The best thing about shared offices is that they are located very close to your place so commuting to far away offices is no more required.

You also get to step out of your house and meet new people. When you are home the entire day, home no longer feels a place to relax. It’s like there is you can’t decide if you work from home or live at work.
Going out, giving 8-10 productive hours and then coming back to bed is like the biggest leisure. Also, when you are at a coworking space where a lot of other people are, you are likely to learn amazing things, chat with interesting people and come across amazing work opportunities.
When you are working from home, you can’t interact with anyone, you don’t have anyone to give an opinion/suggestion or even celebrate any new win. There’s a dedicated environment at coworking offices that create a whole ecosystem of motivation. You see people working and this gives you a kick.

Networking and more networking! You meet suitable people who can work for you and for whom you can work in return. A shared space gives you all the chances for collaboration.
Coworking is all about working together but still different. You might have someone in the office that could fix the bug in your system and somebody to answer you better than Google and this can’t happen when you’re
working at home. Most shared offices are very quirky and beautifully constructed. When there is a need to do a meeting, you can confidently call anyone for there are impressive meeting rooms too. Best of all, you can mention a work address on your visiting cards or professional information which gives a very good impression.

Coworking does cost you an amount but is worth every penny. The experience of starting your own venture and executing your brainchild in a proper office is a wonderful feeling. True, working from home means comfort but working from a coworking space is a different feeling altogether.

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