Best Indian Cities To Launch Your Dream Venture

Launching a startup is not a cake walk. You need to plan everything because one wrong step and it’s a huge loss. While setting up your business, the first preference you will give to is your hometown. You must never forget that factors differ for the success of a business and the right environment is not everywhere. In reality, many other cities other than your hometown are best for the survival of your business. A good city for the business is the one with good infrastructure, booming market and
promising latent. Following are the cities that should be considered for this:

This city is evidently the topper in the list for being the Silicon Valley of the country, home to industry giants, the talent pool it has and the kind of environment and infrastructure it offers.

Reportedly, Bengaluru has been the most satisfying and rewarding experience for the ventures it’s home to, especially in the field of IT. Headquarter to giants like Wipro and Infosys and backing e-commerce startups like Myntra, Bengaluru is a good choice.

This is the most lucrative part of north India when it comes to setting dreams and earning rewards. Strong telecom, connectivity through metro and roads and opportunities, the city never fails to attract you.

Be it setting up a business or attending corporate seminars, everything is here. Having a favourable ecosystem for the startups, Delhi is our second choice. Zomato is a great example to state.

The city of dreams and the home to the Asia’s first and world’s fastest stock exchange, Mumbai has got this position on the list. This city has a record of people coming here to achieve their goals and leave no stone unturned for that.

With corporate houses of big brands like L&T, Tata Group, SBI etc and hosting startups like ClearTrip, TinyOwl, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners etc, Mumbai is India’s financial capital.

To those who think Bengaluru is the only IT hub of India, technology is the centrepiece of Hyderabad.
Not just the famous Biryani and movies, Hyderabad is also known for its IT.

The city of Nizams is a home to giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Dell, and IBM to name a few. Not many of you know but it’s soon going to be the focal point of the Pharmaceuticals industry. With good infrastructure and
comparatively cheaper cost of living, this city deserves a place in the list.

This city is known as the Indian Detroit for its automotive competence. Chennai is rapidly turning into Software as a Service (SaaS) hub. Numerous SaaS ventures like ZOHO and Unmetric are proudly representing Chennai in the international market.

This place actively attracts new talent, though the localities don’t have the risk taking capability as high as of Delhi & Bengaluru. There is a lot of scope in investor community evolution but houses a lot of manufacturing units like MRF and Ford with its good infrastructure.

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