What Makes A Workplace Good For Women?

Ours is a society that still needs to go miles before it actually begins to realize the true status of women. Verbal laudatory notes about women are most common yet in practice, we hardly notice any truth about what is preached. In reality, women form the backbone of our society along with men and they have an indomitable spirit as opposed to the unpopular notion about them being the weaker sex. It is only unfortunate that cases of harassments of women at the workplace are still very common, with some having the courage to report it, and others not being in a position to. This discourages many to be a successful working woman. One Co.Work is taking an initiative to provide a female-friendly working environment and ensure safety for them.

There are lots of ways a workplace can be made suitable and friendly for the women employees:

Ensuring safety: Safety is the first and foremost factor that One Co.Work looks after. They
motivate a person to come out in general and women in particular. A woman at work needs to
know that she is in safe hands and among non-toxic people.

If any complaint of harassment reaches the management, a quick inquiry and redressal are mandatory to show that she is a valuable part of the team, and the management cares about her safety.

Removing stereotypes: Women have been constant victims of stereotyping throughout the
years, which is not a healthy process of dealing with employees. A woman should be treated as
being at least as capable, if not more so, than men, of performing the job. Her gender is not a factor that decides her efficiency. There should be no difference between assigning a job to either gender; jobs should not be decided on gender.

No pay gaps: When it comes to the payment of salary, the sex of an employee should never even surface in the topic. Generally, and unfortunately, women often face a lower rate of payment than men. This is demotivating and discouraging, at its finest.

A person needs currency to survive, and denying them that because of something they were born as is no less than cruelty, and breaks the spirit of many working women. A gender-neutral attitude at a workplace grounded on professional work ethics is preferable at all times, by both men and women. One should always respect the potential of a woman and never deny either gender equal and satisfying pay.

Ensuring freedom of expression: The voice, opinions and suggestions of women at a workplace often get drowned by the dominating boss or a male-dominated team which leads to a gender bias. This is not expected in a sector that is supposed to promote innovations and achievements.

A woman is a part of any collective effort and like any other member of the team should be allowed a considerable freedom of expressions in matters of projects and assignments.

Provisions for personal care: An office is a place where working women spend a major part of her days every day. Therefore, certain kinds of arrangements should be available for her in terms of her private care and hygiene. Sufficient provisions of personal health care and sanitation are provided for both genders in One Co.Work, in order to make them feel at home. This is important as a feeling of comfort helps employees perform better in any and all tasks.

Leave options: A woman has to be given quite a number of leave options since she has to be available for her children, and spouse, at home. They may also just require some time for a personal vacation and relaxation.

More often than not, a person’s personal crisis requires undivided attention and as much assistance as can be offered. Hence, letting female employees have their fair share of leave time is something that is provided by One Co.Work, as they are fully committed to providing a comfortable and understanding workplace for all their employees.

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