5 Reasons Why Meeting At One Co.Work Is Better Than High-End Cafes

Meeting clients in a luxury café is the new hip thing. It sounds fancy and feels trendy. But here’s a gem you’re missing on.

We have 5 reasons why you should have your important meetings at One Co.Work:

1. You totally don’t have to get into a queue to have a table. Pre-book with us and dodge waiting (and the embarrassment when the client is along).

2. An hour of meeting and multiple food orders. Give us a chance to serve the coffee, tea and cookies at your table in a much lesser cost. YAY!

3. Oh! What about the noise and chatter at the café? One Co.Work has all the peace to let you discuss without having to talk on the top of your voice.

4. Of course, the grand coffee shop can’t provide you with a projector screen for your important presentation. More brownie points to us!

5. Where is the meeting? Connaught Place? We are there too! In the G-block. Just at a stone’s distance from the metro station. Here’s the map for you!

We all know that the first impression is the last impression. A satisfied customer is the best strategy but an impressed client works wonders.

To err is human but to choose well, divine!!

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