5 best ways to make work meetings FUN

With companies like Google extending working from home until as late as 2021, virtual meetings are more likely to become the norm than the exception. With this new reality, comes the need to start making these meetups more meaningful and fun. How can groups quickly identify easy ways to make their meetings more engaging? Here are 5 ways to make work meetings fun!


It is hard to have a video call without someone’s screen freezing in an awkward position. Turn this sad reality into a game by trying to fool each other into thinking you’re frozen. Take a screen capture or a photo and keep a team collection of Best Awkward Freezes!

Word of the day

make work meetings fun

At the start of each meeting, pick a word of the day such as “cucumber.” See who can slip the word into the conversation without others noticing. If you catch someone using the word, yell “word of the day!” (Bonus: It might also keep the team more focused on what is being said.)

Home office scavenger hunt

make work meetings fun 2

If all your people are working from home, organize a rapid-fire home office scavenger hunt. Come up with a list of three to five items and tell everyone you are about to run a home scavenger hunt. Reward one point for having an item and a bonus point for getting back first. For variations, ask people to only find one item that will spark conversation. Like their baby picture or a unique T-shirt. Afterwards, ask people to do a one-minute explanation of the item and the story behind it.

Tuned in

Have everyone write “Tuned In” on a piece of paper and keep on their desk. When you feel like people are not paying attention, hold the “Tuned In” sign up to your web cam. Last person to get their sign up has to either answer a question about themselves or another challenge of your choosing! Not only will it bring attention but laughs as well!

Dress up day

make work meetings fun 3

Try Sunglasses Day, Fancy Hat, Black Tie, or Band T-Shirt Day. Bring out a few laughs by picking a fun dress code for your next meeting!

Pro Tip: Surprise your team by randomly showing up to a video call in costume!

When it comes to building relationships with your team or to make work meetings fun, a little humor goes a long way

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